Big Buddy Program Sign Up Page

What is the Big Buddy Program?

 The Big Buddy Program is a new UAAYA initiative that connects younger students in middle school and elementary school with older high school role models. Through attending fun virtual events, peer mentoring, and group volunteering, UAAYA members can build a strong social network. High school students will serve as “Big Buddies” and mentor younger students who may have questions about high school.

How can I benefit from the Big Buddy Program?

If you are a high school student, volunteering with the Big Buddy Program is a great way to earn volunteer hours as well as become a more well-rounded leader! You will be able to give back to your community by serving as a role model. 

If you are in middle school or elementary school, gaining a “Big Buddy” will give you more resources to be prepared for high school in the future. You will be able to ask your “Big Buddy” any questions you may have. You can also begin to get a taste of volunteering with UAAYA!

How can I participate in the Big Buddy Program?

If you are a high school student, we welcome you to serve as a “Big Buddy”. If you are in elementary school or middle school, you can gain a “Big Buddy” who will be a high school student. 

Students will be assigned new Big Buddies at the start of every school semester (Sept./Oct. and Jan./Feb. of each year). Currently, the Big Buddy Program gives priority to UAAYA members. If you are not yet a UAAYA member, don’t worry! Just fill out the UAAYA membership form below as well as the Big Buddy Sign-Up Form!

When will the Big Buddy Program begin?

We have opened sign-ups so please sign up if you are interested! We plan to begin matching younger students to “Big Buddies” in January. Based on your answers to the Sign-Up Form about your personal interests and hobbies, you will be matched to a Buddy with similar interests. Please make sure to check out the Sign-Up Form for more details and answer it to the best of your abilities so that we can match you to a compatible Buddy. 

What events will the program have?

Due to the pandemic, Big Buddy Events will all be virtual. We plan to have virtual check-ins once a month for Buddies to catch up and for Big Buddies to mentor younger students if they have any questions. These check-ins will be about an hour long. There are also larger annual UAAA/UAAYA volunteer events such as our Annual UAAA Global Cup and Annual UAAA Assessment Test where Buddies would be able to volunteer and work together as well as meet face to face in the future. Buddies can also meet outside of scheduled events, but this is up to the Buddies to decide themselves and is not required.