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2022-2023 Officer Applications

We are excited to announce that the new UAAYA Officer Application for the upcoming 2022-23 Term is now open! Please see the attached PDF and submit your Application before May 14, 11:59PM. You should resubmit as either a PDF or Word doc format. Feel free to answer the questions on a new document if you feel you do not have enough space. ALL Officer Positions are open and will be newly selected, so we encourage everyone to apply! We look forward to seeing your application as we know you are all capable leaders and volunteers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Link to applications here!


Alumni Roundtable: Computer Science

On March 13th, we had our Alumni Roundtable on Computer Science where audience members had the opportunity to ask our special guest any questions they had related to the Computer Science major! Thankyou so much to everyone who could join us and we hope to see you all at our next event! Here is a reflection from our host, UAAYA Publicity Chair Julie Chen: “Personally, I enjoyed learning about the smaller fields within computer science and look forward to furthering my studies in this field as well.”

Alumni Roundtable: Psychology and Business

On December 17, we held our Psychology and Business Alumni Roundtable. We are so grateful to have had our UAAYA Senior Advisor Andy Tseng and UAAA Vice Chairman Dr. Ralph Jagodka come talk with us about the intersection between these two majors. All of our roundtable recordings will be on Youtube in case you miss it!

2022 UAAYA Thanksgiving Event

On November 20th, UAAYA held its very first online Thanksgiving event where we invited all of our Little Buddies from our Big Buddy Program and also students from Taiwan to learn more about why we celebrate Thanksgiving and what we do on this special holiday! We were all very impressed with how quickly the students were able to guess the drawings during our Pictionary game, and congratulations to all the students who correctly answered our Trivia questions! Thank you all so much for your kind words, and we are glad you learned a lot! UAAYA is extremely grateful for all your support and without you guys, our events would not be as successful! Happy Thanksgiving!

2022 Global Cup

 This year, our annual Global Cup will be held online on January 15, 2022! We will be granting cash prizes for students who become Grand Champion or Flash Mental Champion of their group. Winners in groups K-E will receive $100, and winners in the gifted group will receive $200. The flash mental champion will also receive $100. Each champion will also receive an award certificate and plaque to commemorate their achievements. We hope all competitors and parents can also join us on Zoom for the 2022 UAAA Global Cup Award Ceremony on January 2022!

Meet UAAYA: Chaparral Middle School

On October 17th, we had the pleasure of meeting Chaparral Middle School on Zoom as we introduced our team and organization.  We had so much fun talking about our activities and playing Kahoot, and we would like to thank everyone who attended!

2021 UAAA Meets UAAYA

UAAA was proud to host “UAAA Meets UAAYA” on August 6 to get to know the newly appointed UAAYA Officers and listen to their upcoming plans. We had a great turnout and are especially grateful for all of the honorable guests who came to support us including Peggy Huang, Dr. Allen Wu , Dr. Tony Torng , Theresa Lee , and UAAA President Carolyn An. UAAA is very excited to where where this group of talented, committed, and ambitious student leaders takes UAAYA in the coming year.

2021 Virtual Assessment Test and In-Person Assessment Test

UAAA sincerely thanks you for your participation in the 2021 UAAA Annual Assessment Test and Award Ceremony! Congratulations again to all students for their hard work and success. For those of you who missed the Award Ceremony or would like to rewatch the Award Ceremony, we will be uploading the video of the Award Ceremony to our YouTube Channel within a few weeks. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of our updates!

2021 Global Cup

This year, our annual Global Cup was held online on January 16, 2021! We will be granting cash prizes for students who become Grand Champion or Flash Mental Champion of their group. Sign up to put your skills to the test and compete with other students all around the world! The deadline to register is December 14, 2020. We’ve linked the online registration form below. If you have already signed up, you do not need to fill out the form again. 

Our First Alumni Roundtable

On October 4th, UAAYA held its first Alumni Roundtable event. UAAYA alumni from prestigious schools like UCLA, Cornell, and UC Berkeley shared their experience with UAAA and UAAYA. Middle and high school students were able to ask the alumni questions regarding college applications, finding internships, and more. The Alumni Roundtable is the start of our Alumni Outreach Program. Don’t worry if you were not able to attend this event as there will be more events and chances to network with UAAYA alumni. Make sure to check our social media pages so you don’t miss a thing!

2020 Meet UAAYA

Meet UAAYA was a virtual webinar on August 9,2020 hosted by UAAYA officers on Zoom. The event was packed with important information to help participants better understand our organization, leaders, and current goals. Students also learned how to become a member of our organization and make a difference in our community though our upcoming events! WE had two alumni spotlights: Nicole Huang, a UC Berkeley graduate and lawyer, and Derek Pi, a UCLA graduate and currently studying to become an optometrist. They provided fruitful advice our younger audience and spoke about UAAYA’s giant role in their professional success.

2020 Global Cup

UAAA Global Cup Championships are an annual international competition in which abacus students of all ages and skill levels come together in their respective age groups and compete for titles. UAAYA members are given the opportunity to be emcees, test correctors, event planners, proctors, and even competitors at these competitions. The champion of the highest tier in the 2020 UAAA Global Cup was our very own vice president, Annie Pan.

2019 CIE-SoCal Annual Convention

The CIE-Socal Annual Convention Night was hosted by Chinese Institute of Engineers Southern California. CIE-Socal is a non-profit organization for Asian Americans, scientists, and engineers that promotes communication among its members and focuses on finding ways to give back to the community. Keynote speakers, professionals in STEM fields, and other leading corporations, such as Facebook and The Boeing Company, gave speeches and insight on STEAM education. UAAYA members were given the opportunity to network with local engineers, scientists, and other professionals while also celebrating the achievements of young students in STEAM education.

2019 Annual Assessment

The annual assessment tests give our students the opportunity to demonstrate their improvements in abacus proficiency throughout the year, while also assessing their abacus and mental arithmetic skill levels. UAAYA members helped set up different booths and check-ins, as well as distributed and monitored the tests.

2019 Chinese American Lantern Festival

The The 18th Annual Los Angeles Lantern Festival is an event hosted by the Chinese American Museum in celebration of Lunar New Year festivities with arts and crafts, live entertainment, and community booths. At the UAAYA booth, our volunteers introduced Asian cultural history by helping attendees of all ages construct miniature abacuses.