United Abacus Arithmetic Association

The United Abacus Arithmetic Association (UAAA) was established to spread and promote abacus and mental arithmetic education. By utilizing the abacus’ intellectual abilities, the association aims to train an individual’s logical reasoning, mental process, and concentration. To enhance quick reactions, we push students to aim for higher achievements and constantly impose stringent challenges. We hope that in the future, our pupils will use these experiences and newfound abilities to flourish in the fields they commit to and finally achieve their lifetime dreams.

Carolyn An

About United Abacus Arithmetic Association

Integrate abacus teachings into the existing education system

Strive for acknowledgement from mainstream school organizations and government agencies. Spread the positive effects of abacus and mental arithmetic by merging abacus teachings into official school studies.

Utilize technology-based methodology for performance analysis

Leverage technology in providing well-designed evaluation systems to monitor student progress.  These systems provide details in student development and statistical reports to analyze the overall achievement of student’s progress and provide insight for further opportunities to improve teaching standards.

Establish unified professional assessment system

Construct an advanced knowledge-oriented learning environment through accredited assessment tests. These tests are designed by the association to assess student progress as well as to provide students with the skills to compete on an international global platform.

Expand the association’s influence in communities

Influence relevant organizations by offering public resources and activities to the community. Reach out to the broader population by educating consumers with the value of abacus and mental arithmetic through our company’s website. Encourage and inform new individuals with marketing tactics and strategic placements of educational material across external entities.

Train a team of professional instructors

Provide quality staffing resources to service students, with an emphasis on a student-oriented educational environment.  Constitute a strong teacher-pupil relationship to nurture growth and development of a student’s skills and behavior. Build character and trust in our future generation instructors.

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