Meet the UAAYA Executive Board

Richelle Gan HS

Richelle Gan


Wayne Chung HS

Wayne Chung


Vivian Huang HS

Vivian Huang

VP - Communications

Evelyn Shih HS

Evelyn Shih

VP - Community Service


Samuel Lee


Cody Phan HS

Cody Phan

IT Chair

Kyle Kao HS

Kyle Kao

IT Chair

Ethan Chen HS

Ethan Chen

Volunteer Coordinator

Sophie Tsai HS

Sophie Tsai

Volunteer Coordinator

Ashlyn Ho HS

Ashlyn Ho

Publicity Chair

Renee Gan HS

Renee Gan

Publicity Chair

Clayton Chin HS

Clayton Chin

Operations Chair

Alina Yang HS

Alina Yang

Operations Chair

Sarah Teng HS

Sarah Teng

Operations Chair

Meet the UAAYA Junior Board

Joy Tsai HS

Joy Tsai

Assistant Secretary

Adelynn Lee HS


Assistant Treasurer

Lydia Huang HS

Lydia Huang

Assistant Publicity Chair

Sophia Cheng HS

Sophia Cheng

Assistant Publicity Chair

Darren Liao HS

Darren Liao

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

Chase Phan HS

Chase Phan

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

UAAYA Senior Advisors


Jamie Hsu

Chief Senior Advisor


Ryan Chung

Executive Board Senior Advisor


Elim Jiang

Executive Board Senior Advisor


Vernetta Huang

Junior Board Senior Advisor


Tiffany Au

Junior Board Senior Advisor

A Few Words From Our UAAYA Officers

Through UAAYA I was able to meet so many new people in my community. Through the events that I hosted, I was able to improve both my communication and leadership skills. After just the first few meetings and events, I became more confident and comfortable interacting with all kinds of people.

 Sydney Cheng, UAAYA Co-President

As I started high school, I wanted to join UAAYA so I can have some leadership skills that I will be able to use in college and my future job. Joining UAAYA allowed me to use my leadership skills in a more professional way.”

– Alicia Chin, UAAYA Secretary

I am able to talk to others in a way I would not have known before I joined both UAAA and UAAYA, and am able to form relationships like never before.”

– Vivian Huang, UAAYA Vice President of Communications

My experience with UAAYA taught me that leadership is not about what you do to others, but rather, something you do with others. Having the opportunities to exercise my soft skills has had and will continue to have a crucial impact on my education and career.”

– Tiffany Au, UAAYA Vice President of Community Service