Meet the UAAYA Officer Team

Ryan Chung


Annie Pan

VP - Development

Kyle Lin

VP - Development

Sydney Cheng

VP - Communication

Jamie Hsu

VP - Community Service

Elim Jiang


Ashlynn Chen


Julie Chen

Publicity Chair

Ethan Chen

Publicity Chair

Vivian Huang

Publicity Chair

Felix Teng

IT Chair

Calvin Huang

IT Chair

Alicia Chin

Volunteer Coordinator

Tiffany Au

Volunteer Coordinator

UAAYA Senior Advisors

William Chen

Executive Senior Advisor

Evelynn Chen

Senior Advisor

Andy Tseng

Senior Advisor

Vernetta Huang

Senior Advisor

A Few Words From Our UAAYA Officers

Through UAAYA I was able to meet so many new people in my community. Through the events that I hosted, I was able to improve both my communication and leadership skills. After just the first few meetings and events, I became more confident and comfortable interacting with all kinds of people.

Ryan Chung, UAAYA President

UAAYA has influenced the youth in Southern California by promoting leadership and STEAM education. For me, UAAYA has helped foster my leadership and communication skills so that I can be successful in the real world. Being a part of UAAYA has specifically motivated me to improve on my professionalism.

Kyle Lin, UAAYA Vice President of Development

Being a part of UAAYA has meant more than being a part of a team that genuinely desires to promote the abacus in our community. To me, UAAYA means forming lifelong friendships with people from all over the world- people who will support and motivate you beyond high school, and even college.

Sydney Cheng, UAAYA Vice President of Communications

UAAYA has allowed me to expand on my leadership and communication skills through working alongside my team in order to host our many events. It has allowed me to explore my love of STEM and has prepared me for the next steps of life in order to succeed in my future career

Jamie Hsu, UAAYA Vice President of Community Service